Apraxia Walk Started in 2008, the "Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech" is a means to heighten awareness and important funding for apraxia programs and research.

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Spotlight on: Team Nagel

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This week we are featuring Team Nagel who are participating in this weekend’s Phoenix Walk for Children with Apraxia. Jake was diagnosed with apraxia at the age of two, back in 2003. Team Nagel discovered CASANA at that time and have been huge supporters ever since, even holding one of the first awareness Walks back in 2004. Jake is the Team Leader and wants to bring awareness to others and provide hope to any family who has a child with apraxia.

Jake’s mom Michelle, said “through CASANA, we learned about the type of speech therapy that was most successful, as well as read and shared articles about apraxia.  Our heads stopped spinning and we were able to focus on Jake and seeing results.  We also loved the community we developed through CASANA’s Listserv and were thrilled when they had their first conference, which we attended in 2004.  We were so excited to meet other families going through the same thing.  We have a fantastic family and great friends, but it was difficult to talk to them about all of this, because as much as they wanted to, it was hard for them to understand.  We are so grateful for CASANA.  It changed our lives.”

Community is such an important part of the journey. You need not be an island unto yourself. Michelle said “we attended the Arizona Walk last year and were excited to participate again.  It was a wonderful experience with an incredible sense of belonging.  We ran into some old friends we have met along the way and we are excited to be a part of it again. There is no other organization like this out there and all of the proceeds help continue to provide much needed support.”  Jake has taken it upon himself to reach out to friends and family near and far to support CASANA and we couldn’t be more proud of him! Thank you Jake and Team Nagel!