Apraxia Walk Started in 2008, the "Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech" is a means to heighten awareness and important funding for apraxia programs and research.

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Spotlight on: Let’s Talk Guelph (Guelph, ON Canada)

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This week we are featuring Let’s Talk Guelph (Guelph, ON Canada) who recently participated in a Neighborhood Walk for Apraxia in Ontario. The Neighborhood Walk is an option for families and communities looking to have a small gathering to raise awareness about apraxia that can be held anywhere. We had a chance to catch up with Brooke, the Team Leader and member of the most recent class of apraxia boot camp. Brooke works in a small private practice with a special focus on apraxia and speech sound disorders. One of the shining stars on Team Let’s Talk Guelph is Wyatt.

Wyatt’s family told us, “We walk for apraxia to show support for our little man. For so many years he’s been alone in his thoughts, unable to express even the simplest of ideas or tell us his dreams, things we all take for granted. He isn’t alone ~ all these people are here for him, for us, and for all the kids who have to go through what Wyatt goes through every day.” Wyatt is definitely not alone on this journey as he has a great support network that cares about him and his progress.

“It takes a LOT of people to come together to help Wyatt to speak (SLP’s, teachers, parents, brothers, peers), and going to the apraxia Walks show our kids that there are a LOT of people all working towards the same goal. Walking symbolizes speaking, and walking as a group symbolizes us all working together to help each other. They need to know they’re not alone, we’re all going to walk with them, talk with them, and take all the time in the world to listen, while they try their best to talk back.” Thanks Guelph for showing your support of all children with apraxia!